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How to Become a Radiology Technician

Radiology is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating areas of medicine, mainly because it provides people with a great number of job opportunities and great possibilities for advancement. The field outlook, radiology tech salary and the rates of employment are growing every year and therefore more and more people decide to follow a career in this domain.


If you plan to become a radiology technician at a certain point of your life, you must be aware that there are a great number of tests you will need to pass before receiving a certification and being able to start work. The most famous technicians have started as simple practitioners, with the responsibility of preparing the patients for the procedures involved in this medical field. Specifically, a practitioner needs to remove every form of jewelry from the body of the patient, as well as clothing and other possible obstacles for the X-rays. After is, it is up to the technician to continue and finish the procedures, utilizing the special equipment to properly capture the images required for the analysis of certain parts of the body. Furthermore, updating the records for the patients is also part of a technician’s responsibility, as well as maintaining a good condition of every piece of medical equipment.

The best radiology technicians are eventually promoted to the position of radiology technologists. This involves extra training sessions in order to be able to produce multiple tests for every image obtained with the aid of X-rays. The main focus of technologists is usually related to a specific field in the medical domain, rather than on a general topic. As a concrete example, one can struggle to become a specialist in radiation therapy and others in domains like computer tomography. Regardless of the type of his specialization, a radiology technician must obtain a license before being eligible to put his skills into practice.

All in all, you must be aware that currently there are a great number of options to choose from if you intend to follow a career as a radiology technician. The responsibilities are incredibly important, but the salary and the possibility of being promoted always compensate this.